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If you’re one of the Cowley area’s new drivers, having recently passed your test, or if you’re an experienced driver unsure about aspects of MOTs / the MOT testing industry, we can provide you with expert advice and information to ensure you’re 100% clear on what we do, how we do it and why do it. While we’re happy to provide said advice either on the phone or in person at our MOT garage, even during the course of our popular while you wait MOTs, we’ve also looked to provide an online resource below, featuring answers to some common queries that the Cowley Road MOTs team receives.


Your Common MOT Testing Queries Answered


How early can I get MOTs renewed before expiration?


You can have your vehicle tested at any time during the year you’d like! However, if you want to keep your existing expiry date, you can come in up to one month early. For example, if your MOTs expire April 20th, then you have from March 20th – April 20th to have it renewed. To do so on March 19th would change your expiry date to the same date the following year.


This period gives you a bit of wiggle room so that if you’re exceptionally busy in April, for example, you can still find time for the test. However, we do urge our customers to visit our Cowley-based MOT garage with at least a few days to spare – then if faults or errors are found on your vehicle that prevent you passing the test, you have time to have repairs carried out.


I’ve forgotten the expiration date of my vehicles’ MOTs! Can you help?


We’d urge you to visit www.vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk, the Government’s official resource on things of this nature, which will tell you your MOT’s expiry date. If you’re struggling to make use of it, then give Cowley Road MOTs a call on 01865 714714 or 07880 340 311 and we’ll be able to lend you a hand!


What do I do if I fail MOT testing?


Cowley Road MOTs is solely an MOT garage; we do not carry out repairs and maintenance. We believe there is a conflict of interest in offering both MOTs and repairs, and that some garages around Cowley might “find” problems that aren’t there in order to generate some extra business.


Our MO is to offer fair and impartial MOTs, and if we do find problems that would cause you to fail, to offer expert advice on what you can do about it. We can explain exactly what needs to be done (sometimes a simple DIY fix might do), or help you find a reputable repair garage that will be able to get your vehicle road-safe and road-legal.


Roughly how long do while you wait MOTs take?


While you wait MOTs take around 45 minutes – 1 hour. You can feel free to wait at our MOT garage and enjoy a hot drink while catching up on some work, or perhaps reading a book/newspaper. Alternatively, take a wander around Cowley, get some food and come back to us when we’ve finished. It’s completely down to you.


Do I even require MOT testing?


There are a few exceptions, for example if you own a vehicle that was made before 1960 (it’s still a good idea to have a classic car tested to ensure it’s safe to drive, however). Also, vehicles that are three years old or less do not require MOT testing.


Help, I’m in the Cowley area and I’ve lost my MOT testing certificate!


Don’t panic! This is a fairly common problem, and not a major one whatsoever. Give us your registration number and a segment of your vehicle identification number and we’ll be able to print you a duplicate certificate at a small cost.


Have another query for the Cowley Road MOTs team? Give us a call today on 01865 714714 or 07880 340 311.