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As a dedicated MOT garage, Cowley Road MOTs makes the pass/fail decision right every time; MOT testing is our sole area of expertise and we know the procedure and all associated rules back-to-front. But not all MOT testing facilities get it right every time, and many motorists around Oxford have had the unfortunate experience of failing to pass MOTs on contentious grounds. On this page, we’ve run through some common misconceptions that providers of drop-off / while you wait MOTs around Oxford have been known to hold.


3 Common Mistakes Made by MOT Testing Facilities


Daytime Running Lamps


These are a relatively modern feature fitted in vehicles to make them more visible during the day, when it’s fairly light outside. These should not be tested in MOTs, as they are not covered by the current version of the MOT testing manual. Many an MOT garage has confused daytime running lamps with essential elements within a vehicle, as they are sometimes included within the same units as side lights/headlamps. Despite this, they in fact operate independently, and even if they are not working properly should not cause Oxford drivers to fail drop-in / while you wait MOTs.


Supplementary Restraint Systems Lamps


MOT testing facilities should only be looking to see if SRS lamps’ Malfunction Indicator Light (SRS MIL) illuminates. If a vehicle lacks a lamp or the indicator doesn’t light up, it should not fail. Some Oxford motorists may notice that there is a warning message that displays on their dashboard, in addition to MIL lamps. By itself, this should not be grounds for failure.


Additionally, some vehicles automatically disarm their passenger air bags when there is little/no weight in the corresponding seat. A light may indicate this, and shouldn’t be considered an SRS MIL. As such, providers of drop-in / while you wait MOTs around Oxford shouldn’t cite disarmed airbags as a reason for failure, unless the process has been carried out manually.


Rear View


Modern vehicles often feature additional mirrors and vision devices, to assist with backing into spaces etc. Defects with non-compulsory rear-view devices should not cause the failure of MOTs. An Oxford MOT garage need only fail a test if a vehicle is missing an obligatory fitting, or if one is found to be defective. The manual which MOT testing facilities should live by will explain which rear-view devices are mandatory and which are not.


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