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The Oxfordshire Area’s Top Choice MOT Garage

Since 1961, Cowley Road MOTs has been providing an MOT testing service to motorists in and around the Oxfordshire area. Over this half a century period, we’ve built a reputation as the go-to MOT garage in the area, because of our fair and honest approach to MOTs, as well as our team’s friendly manner and highly competitive prices. Some of our customers love to leave their MOTs to the last minute, that’s just the way they are. But we’d recommend you avoid doing so if possible.


While it’s our job to accommodate those who’ve not long left till their certificate expires – by   offering fast and accurate while you wait MOTs – there are advantages to getting MOT testing done early. On this page, we’ve look to explain why Oxfordshire motorists would do well to consider an early test out of the way.


Why Should I Get an Early MOT?


The main reason to invest in early MOTs is that it gives you an opportunity, should a fault be detected that causes you to fail, to get problems rectified before you’re forced off the road due to a certificate expiring. Last minute while you wait MOTs at our Oxfordshire MOT garage are especially risky if your vehicle has seen better days, or if you’ve noticed an anomaly while driving recently. Don’t always assume you’ll pass MOT testing, or you may very well be disappointed. Checking MOTs off your to-do list when you have time to get them done can also save you on a significant amount of stress down the line.


Another reason to bring your vehicle in to us for early while you wait MOTs is to avoid busy periods, in which it might be difficult to secure a convenient appointment. In Oxfordshire, and indeed across the wider UK, an MOT garage is most in demand around March. Do some research by calling the Cowley Road MOTs team and finding out available time slots. We’ll do our best to fit you in at the time best for you. Remember, you can keep your previous expiration date even if you book MOTs one month in advance, so there’s a good period of time in which to get it done and out the way!


Nearly time for your annual MOT testing? Book it with Oxfordshire’s trusted MOT garage, Cowley Road MOTs, on 01865 714714.